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Perplexium is a highly immersive real-life puzzle challenge. Players will step into an adventure and work as a team to discover what’s in store. They’ll be tasked with a mission and must uncover the mystery by discovering clues and solving puzzles! The players will need to hurry, however, because they will only have one hour to solve the mystery of the room.

Families, coworkers, dates, and parties are all welcome, and are guaranteed to have a good time here.



 230 175 FOR A PRIVATE ROOM (Special limited time discount for October!)

Difficulty: 6/10

A long-lost genius has left you something – a growing, learning A.I. being. Can you maintain her? All you know for sure is… don’t make her mad.


 200 150 FOR A PRIVATE ROOM (Special limited time discount for October!)

Difficulty: 4/10

One of our spies has turned double-agent. We need your help to uncover and thwart their dastardly plan before it’s too late!



Difficulty: 8/10

The Zodiac murders are some of the worst unsolved crimes in history. Thankfully we now have the technology, though dangerous and mostly untested, to correct the injustices of the past. Now all we need is a team willing to do it…

Have friends and family who you think would love Perplexium? Want to give Perplexium as a gift? You can buy slots or book an entire room and give the gift of Perplexium to those you love.


What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are challenges where players have one hour to find the clues, solve the mystery, and escape from the room.

Will I be locked in?

The room will not actually be locked. You can leave and re-enter at will, but we won’t stop your timer.

Will I have to do any physical activity?

There may be some mild physical activity, but no intense physical activities like running, jumping, or climbing.

Will I be alone in the room?

Here at Perplexium we have open booking, so each room is open to anyone as long as there are available slots. If you would like to book a room for just you and your friends we have the option of booking private rooms. For more booking questions call us at (512) 640 – 6330.

Do you offer gift cards?

Simply click here to purchase gift cards for friends and family.

How successful are people at completing your rooms?

Unlike other escape rooms, our rooms are more about the experience and less about successes and failures. The story may have positive and negative outcomes, as well as optional objectives for your team to complete.

If I arrive late, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, no. Late puzzlers disrupt the experience for the other players, so we don’t allow late entries. Make sure to come 15 minutes early. We don’t issue refunds for late players.

Can I use my cellphone or tablet to look up solutions?

Your phones/tablets won’t help you solve the puzzles faster, so we let you bring them in to the room with you. We do ask that you don’t photograph or film your experience, as there are surprises and secrets that we don’t want spoiled.

Are there any loud noises or sudden changes in light levels?

It is possible that there may be sudden changes in the lighting and/or loud noises. These will correspond with story events, so please alert the proctors if you have any issues that we should be aware of.


8868 Research Blvd #704
Austin, TX
(512) 640 – 6330